Gold Rates in Kuwait (KWD)
Gold Carat Price (KWD per Gram) Price (KWD for 10 Gram) Price (KWD per Kilogram)
24 Carat 22.975 Price Not Available Price Not Available
22 Carat 21.900 Price Not Available Price Not Available
21 Carat 20.103 Price Not Available Price Not Available
18 Carat 17.231 Price Not Available Price Not Available
**Disclaimer:** Gold prices are not fetched live.
GOLD RATE IN KUWAIT in Other Currencies
Weight (Carat) Price (PKR per gram) Price (KWD per gram) Price (INR per gram) Price (USD per gram)
24 Carat **Price Not Available** 22.975 **Price Not Available** **Price Not Available**
22 Carat **Price Not Available** 21.900 **Price Not Available** **Price Not Available**
21 Carat **Price Not Available** 20.103 **Price Not Available** **Price Not Available**
18 Carat **Price Not Available** 17.231 **Price Not Available** **Price Not Available**

Gold Price Calculator (KWD)

Other Karats Gold Rate in Kuwait

Explore current gold prices for various purities! This table conveniently displays rates per gram and tola for 6K, 10K, 14K, and 18K gold.

Gold Purity1 GRAM1 TOLA
GRAM 6KKWD 5.01KWD 58.48
GRAM 10KKWD 8.36KWD 97.54
GRAM 14KKWD 11.73KWD 136.84
GRAM 18KKWD 15.04KWD 175.43

Last 10 Days Gold Rate in Kuwait

The below table shows the last 10 day’s per-gram gold rates.

Date22K Gold24K Gold
19 February 2024KWD 18.31KWD 18.31
18 February 2024KWD 18.31KWD 19.94
17 February 2024KWD 18.31KWD 19.94
16 February 2024KWD 18.23KWD 19.86
15 February 2024KWD 18.13KWD 19.75
14 February 2024KWD 18.13KWD 19.75
13 February 2024KWD 18.36KWD 20.00
12 February 2024KWD 18.39KWD 20.03
11 February 2024KWD 18.41KWD 20.05
10 February 2024KWD 18.41KWD 20.05
9 February 2024KWD 18.50KWD 20.15
8 February 2024KWD 18.52KWD 20.17

Gold in Kuwait: A Comprehensive Guide

Undoubtedly, gold holds a universal allure, being widely cherished as one of the most valuable and expensive commodities globally. Its pivotal role in the economic development of nations is underscored by its link to the supply and demand of money, with countries relying on gold reserves for currency printing. Across Arab and Indian cultures, gold holds deep-rooted significance, manifesting in the form of jewelry, clothing, rings, lockets, and plates. This cultural affinity contributes to the substantial demand for gold, particularly in regions like Kuwait and other Gulf areas, where it is traded in substantial quantities.

Buying Gold in Kuwait

Kuwait stands out for offering competitive gold prices globally, coupled with an extensive range of gold jewelry and accessories. The growing popularity of purchasing gold items in Kuwait can be attributed to the diverse options available, making it an ideal destination for enthusiasts.

Exploring Kuwait’s Largest Gold Souk: Al-Mubarakiya District

The bustling Al-Mubarakiya district houses Kuwait’s largest gold souk, a vibrant market filled with shops, vending machines, and stone stalls offering a rich array of gold accessories, jewelry, and gemstones from around the world. The market exudes an atmosphere more akin to a journey through a luxurious and abundant realm than a conventional marketplace.

Choosing Gold in Kuwait: Understanding Purity and Varieties

Purchasing gold in Kuwait requires understanding the hallmark, a crucial indicator of a piece’s purity. This section dives deeper into the different karat ratings and their implications, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Karats: Unveiling the Gold Standard:

Gold purity is measured in karats, with 24K representing the purest form, containing 99.9% gold. However, pure gold is quite soft and malleable, making it less suitable for everyday jewelry. Therefore, most gold jewelry comes in lower karat ratings, where other metals are mixed with gold to enhance its durability.

Navigating the Karat Landscape:

Here’s a breakdown of commonly encountered karat ratings in Kuwait:

  • 22K (91.6% gold): This popular choice offers a good balance of purity and durability, often preferred for intricate jewelry designs.
  • 21K (87.5% gold): Slightly less pure than 22K, it’s still considered a high-quality option, offering a slightly lower price point.
  • 18K (75% gold): This widely used karat strikes a balance between affordability and strength, making it ideal for everyday wear.
  • Lower karats (below 18K): While less expensive, these contain less gold and are generally not recommended for investment purposes.

Beyond Jewelry: The Allure of 24K Gold Bullions:

For investors seeking the purest form of gold, 24K bullions offer the highest gold content. These are typically used for investment purposes and come in various sizes and shapes.


  • Always check the hallmark for karat information before purchasing any gold piece.
  • Higher karat ratings signify higher purity but also come with a higher price tag.
  • Consider your intended use (investment, jewelry) when choosing a karat rating.

By understanding karat ratings, you can navigate the world of gold in Kuwait with confidence and make informed choices that align with your needs and budget.

Local Dynamics in Gold Rates: Be aware of potential differences between online gold rates and those offered by local vendors. Local markets, especially in gold souks, may quote prices that include labor fees, influencing the final cost. Vigilance during the purchase process is essential.

The Art of Haggling: Haggling over prices is not only accepted but encouraged in Kuwait’s gold souks. Embrace the cultural norm of negotiating politely, ensuring you secure a fair deal for your chosen gold items.

Receipts as Documentation: Following a transaction, request a detailed receipt. This document should include essential information about the purchased gold, such as weight, purity, and overall cost. This step ensures transparency and serves as documentation for your acquisition.

Navigating Gold Rates: Online Platforms vs. Local Vendors

It’s important to note that there might be variations in gold rates between online platforms and local vendors, often due to added labor fees by vendors.

Kuwait’s Gold Export Rules: Navigating Personal and Commercial Use

Kuwait has specific norms and restrictions regarding gold exports. In response to concerns about mass gold exports in June 2023, regulations were introduced allowing women to carry reasonable amounts of gold jewelry abroad without immediate repercussions.

Additional Insights: Enhancing Your Understanding of the Kuwaiti Gold Market

  1. Historical Significance: Kuwait has a rich history of valuing and utilizing gold. The cultural and economic significance of gold has evolved over time, contributing to its current prominence.

  2. Trends and Influences: Stay informed about current trends and external influences shaping the gold market in Kuwait. Economic factors, global events, and cultural shifts can impact gold prices and demand.

  3. Quality Assurance: Ensure the authenticity and quality of purchased gold through additional means beyond the hallmark. Familiarize yourself with reputable dealers and certification processes.

  4. Popular Designs and Styles: Kuwait boasts a diverse array of gold jewelry designs and styles. Explore the popular trends, whether they are rooted in tradition or influenced by contemporary fashion.

  5. Gold Investment: Consider gold as a potential investment in Kuwait. Understand its role as a financial asset, and be aware of any market factors that may affect its investment value.

  6. Government Regulations: Stay informed about Kuwait’s specific government regulations governing gold trade. Compliance with legal requirements is crucial for both buyers and sellers.

  7. Cultural Practices: Dive deeper into the cultural practices surrounding gold in Kuwait. Explore any rituals or customs related to the purchase, wearing, or gifting of gold jewelry.


FAQs: Gold Rate in Kuwait

1. What is the current gold rate in Kuwait?

Answer: Gold Prices in Kuwait Today (February 25, 2024): 22 Carat: KWD 19.50 per gram 24 Carat: KWD 20.60 per gram 18 Carat: KWD 15.95 per gram 21 Carat: KWD 18.61 per gram


2. How often does the gold rate change in Kuwait?

Answer: Gold rates fluctuate throughout the day based on various factors.

3. What are the factors that affect the gold rate in Kuwait?

Answer: Several factors influence the gold rate, including:
– Global gold prices
– Currency exchange rate between KWD and other currencies, especially USD
– Local demand and supply of gold in Kuwait
– Government regulations and import duties

4. Where can I find the latest gold rates in Kuwait?

Answer: You can find the latest gold rates from various sources:
– Websites of local gold shops and refineries
– Financial news websites and apps
– Online resources like [invalid URL removed]

5. What is the best time to buy gold in Kuwait?

Answer: Predicting the best time is challenging due to market fluctuations. However, some believe prices might be lower during economic downturns or off-peak seasons.

15. What is the difference between 24K and 18K gold?

Answer: The number of karats indicates the purity of gold. 24K gold is pure gold (100%), while 18K gold is 75% gold mixed with 25% other metals for added strength and durability.

Gold Prices in Kuwait Today (February 25, 2024): 22 Carat: KWD 19.50 per gram 24 Carat: KWD 20.60 per gram 18 Carat: KWD 15.95 per gram 21 Carat: KWD 18.61 per gram